Friday, 27 January 2017

Clothing wishlist

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately, getting back in to the swing of things with work, getting back into the gym, started a separate boot camp class as well and it was my uncles birthday a couple weeks ago we had a family meal and then the weekend after a surprise party was arranged for him. Just feel like I haven't had any me time :( I'm happy to say this weekend I will be relaxing!

If I'm honest I couldn't tell you the last time I went shopping and bought loads of clothes possibly towards the end of summer? I have bought the odd thing but they have been more essentials like vest tops to wear under shirts, socks or buying the same pair of jeans you already own because they are so comfortable (I am bad for buying the same thing in all the colours or just having 3 pairs of the same item). A few things have recently caught my eye online and I thought I'd share with you what I'm liking at the moment.

Waterfall duster jacket
Now I love this jacket (they also have it in pale pink). When I look at any kind of jacket I often look for something that can be worn for more than one style of outfit whether it be dressy or casual to me it has to be versatile which I think this is. At the moment I would avoid wearing this as it is way tooooo cold.

Ripped / distressed jeans
I think everyone should own a pair of ripped knee or distressed look jeans, there is just something about them that I like! They go with pretty much everything.

Hooded Sweater dress
I so need this sweater dress in my life! You know them days when you just want to be comfortable this is it! Wear it with jeans or leggings it doesn't matter and because its a "dress" length it will cover your bum as well! Perfect for the colder weather. (I'm so upset that this is now out of stock *cries*).

Oversized slogan/rock tshirt
Perfect to go with the ripped or distressed jeans, pair of heeled boots and you could put the waterfall jacket with this. I've been eyeing some up from River Island for quite some time but I'm unsure if I want a choker style, mesh one or a standard simple t-shirt on.

If you want more regular updates of what I'm loving and want check out my Pinterest.

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