Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017

Is it me or does it seem like Christmas and New Year's was ages ago?

I may be one of a few who has not made a new years resolution/s, I personally feel if you want to change something in your life then do it when you are ready and not because it's the new year.

I did change a few things in my life for which I feel more positive for. Last year around March/April I made a big change in my life and got a new job, it was such a big step for me as I was in my previous job 5 and a half years so of course you get into a routine. I left because I wasn't happy and at times being there made my anxiety and depression worse, don't get me wrong there was good days and I met some lovely people but the bad days were getting more and more and I had to make a change. It was also interfering with my social and personal life, having to work weekends, bank holidays and Christmas/ New Year's, it just wasn't for me anymore. Since then I have been a lot more happier, I simply work Monday to Friday, I'm able to have more of a social life and see more of my family. I also joined a gym which I've wanted to join one for quite some time but didn't want to do it on my own so me and one of my friends go. I joined the gym because I want to be more healthier, I eat better then I used to (I still enjoy the odd take away now and again) and you know what I actually like the gym, over Christmas we did have a break and I missed it (what is wrong with me?!).

For this next year like I said earlier I have not made any resolutions or targets for anything, I just plan to live my life and be happy.

Have you made any resolutions?

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