Monday, 19 December 2016

Making memories

A few days ago I was sorting out one of my cupboards and I came across a Forever Friends note book. I completely forgot but when I was leaving school I had an idea to get some pictures through school and various days/nights out and ask anyone to write something about us and any funny memories. I will be honest I was reading through it and I did get a little emotional, it just made me think back to some really good times. I'm not in contact with everyone which happens when you leave but I still see some people from time to time but I am still best friend with the same girl, Sharna. We have been friends for so many years we have laughed and cried together and made some brilliant memories and still have loads more to make.
"The best is yet to come" Sinatra

After I looked through it I decided I want to make a new one, obviously I will still keep the old one but I have some pretty amazing people in my life now and I want to add this book and keep my memories going. Sometimes I find looking back on good memories can really cheer you up especially if you're having a not so great day. I found a load of pics and put them on a USB stick and popped into my local Boots and printed off over 50 pictures! I kind of needed a note book and I find the best stationary shop is Paperchase, it has some quirky things and it's often where I get my diaries from every year. I found this Ecojot black quote note book, it's a little skinnier then your standard A5 but the pictures I got fit inside. It has my two favourite colours, black and a rose gold, they don't have it available on line but they also this which is from the same range. I'm so excited to see what people write inside, I'm sure I will get emotional (again) at times when I read it but this will be something for keeps.
Some of the pictures I have printed so far
Have you got any thing like this? Or would you like to create something like it?

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