Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly don't you think? There is only two Saturdays left of shopping. I love trying to find presents for people especially things they would like and use. I have created a little gift ideas for her. I'm quite lucky this year I already know what I'm buying and I now only have two more gifts to buy (organised or what!).

Now TB do some lovely gifts, I am a big fan of their everything they do if I'm honest especially the make up/wash bags! One of my favourite items for this year is the Bow Bracelet and Purse gift set, it's a matching set and super cute, they have a couple other gift sets like this.
I personally don't think you can go wrong with a scarf especially a oversized one. I have spent a few times on the train where it's been really cold and these size scarves have been my best friend. I tend to keep the colours slightly neutral or have similar colours to something I own already.

This perfume just smells amazing, the base of it is woody but the top notes are mandarin, orange and peach. A little random I know but trust me on this one there is a slight caramel in it which just blends all of these so well together. Also the bottle is just adorable isn't it?

I actually already own this diary, I must say I do love it. I think any female who is always making plans and can't keep up with her own social life needs a diary. If you can't find one you think they will like get a personalised one from Unique Planners which you have complete choice of what you want.

What post would this be if I didn't include something from the Mariah Carey's Mac collection? It's so glam and so Mariah (glitter). The highlighter in My Mimi is a warm gold and it's so pretty looking, this will give anyone a beautiful glow.

Have you got any presents still left to buy?

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