Monday, 9 May 2016

Top 10 beauty tips every female should know!

Over the past two maybe three years I've come across many little hair and beauty tips, some of them very useful. I've created a list of my favourite tips.

1. Does you hair get greasy quick?
Try washing your hair but starting with conditioner first at the ends of your hair as per the bottle, leave in as normal then rinse and then apply shampoo the roots of your hair. I have noticed a difference in doing this, my hair does not feel weighed down so much anymore.

2. Want longer lasting lipstick?
No matter when you wear you lipstick whether it's to work or on a night out the one thing you want it to do is last. So when you've applied your lipstick get a tissue, gently place it over your lips and dab your powder brush in translucent powder and apply over the tissue.

3. You have new shoes and know they will give you blisters?
Apply some deodorant or Vaseline on your heels or anywhere the shoes will rub and this will prevent any friction and unwanted blisters.

4. Can applying nail varnish get too messy?
Put some PVA glue around your nails to avoid mishaps, also if you was like me back in school you will have fun peeling it off once yours nails are dry!

5. Over plucked/waxed eyebrows?
I had a bad experience when getting my eyebrows waxed a few months ago where the girl who had done them over waxed one of my brows and for a couple weeks I had to fill them in and could not wait for them to grow but a friend of mine said to apply castor oil to my eyebrows every night before bed and it will help. Well I was so happy I had discovered castor oil!!

6. Want beach wave hair but don't have time to do it in the morning?
Sometimes getting up earlier in the morning can be such an effort, save some time on your hair by loosely braiding it the night before. I prefer to wash my hair apply some Pink Moisturiser an then braid and by the time I wake up in the morning my hair is dry but this is because my hair can get frizzy and no one likes frizzy hair.

7. Nail polish dried shut?
Did you forget you had a certain nail varnish or it's dripped all around the lid and you cannot open it, try putting a rubber band around it this should help and problem solved (save you buying a new one!)

8. Need to add a key to your key ring but your nails are freshly done?
If you use a staple remover to hold it open this will prevent you from chipping or breaking any nails.

9. Want to conceal dark circles under your eyes?
Use red or orange lipstick in a triangle shape under your eyes and then apply your normal concealer over then top and blend.

10. Want bubble free nails?
Over the years of painting my nails I have noticed they sometimes get thick and when painting your nails with thick gloopy like varnish this is where bubbles start to form and they are a nightmare to get rid of, well pop the varnish in your fridge to avoid this happening.

Do you have any little tips and tricks you use that are not on the list that you live by comment below :)
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