Friday, 8 April 2016

From the office to after work drinks

Have you ever been invited for a few cheeky after work drinks on Friday with you work colleagues? I know you’re thinking what a great way to start the weekend but what do you wear that is suitable for the office but can still look good for a few drinks?! Of course you don’t want to look too glammed up for work but you want to find that happy medium. The outfit is the key thing and you feel like you need to get that on point but there is also a couple other ways you can change a little for example: add a bit of make-up, change from flat shoes to heels or if you're wearing tights remove them (it is now spring ladies get your razors ready!). 

So what do you wear?

Are you a trouser kind of person?
I personally do not think you can go wrong with a bold coloured or print shirt and skinny trousers, you can have fun with the shirt be a little out there. Alternatively if you're a little unsure if you can do a bold shirt find that white shirt in your wardrobe (or check out T.M Lewin) and pair with a light coloured blazer or a leather jacket. When it comes to shirts I do tend to buy the free flowing style as I find them more comfortable more so on the arms and bust area sometimes you can feel so restricted in movement. Try tucking in the front of the shirt in slightly and it will a more casual look.
1. RI Plus print shirt
2. Dorothy Perkins trousers
3. New Look Inspire long sleeved shirt
5. Yours Clothing mosaic trousers

Do you wear dresses or skirts?
Length is something to consider when wearing a dress or skirt for work, if it’s too short some people may think you’re going out (out) which you want to try avoid that look. I would try and stay away from anything above the knee especially if you’re not wearing tights, don’t forget you are going to work before. Belted shirt dresses are all over the high street and they are something that can be dressed up or down (can you tell I like shirts lol). Pair a pencil skirt and a peplum top together or even try a fitted dress and layer with a scarf and voila.
1. RI Plus pencil skirt
2. H&M Plus knit dress
3. Dorothy Perkins khaki dress
4. Evans peplum top
5. Dorothy Perkins stripe dress
6. H&M jacket
The great thing about all of these clothes is that you can mix and match them all there is no right or wrong way to wear them. And if your looking to help get your man fit for Friday, look no further than T.M Lewin. They're known for their suits, but they have a ton of great options for turning business causal into a night out! And they have a lovely selection of women's clothes too ;) 
Enjoy your weekend !!!

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