Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Topshop jewellery haul

The other day I had popped into town to meet a friend and catch up on a few things and how we can possibly work together in the near future. After I had gone into Topshop just to browse and see what was about mainly to look for some jewellery. They still had a sale going on which I was quite surprised at, anyway I had seen some rings which caught my eye I went to pay for them and the sales assistant had said all jewellery is 5 for £5 and the rings I had were £2 for the sake of another £3 why not. 

If I was to buy all of these separately it would have cost me £38.50 but getting this all for £5 was a real good bargain! I know you may see that I have got two sets of the same rings but you can never have enough of these types of rings, stack them up or wear them on their own. They don’t appear to have this offer on the website but check with your local store if they have, it’s worth having a look.

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