Thursday, 11 February 2016

Celebrating my mums birthday

It was my mums yesterday and it was quite a special one. Myself and my dad decided we would go for a meal to celebrate, somewhere nice and different to where we usually would go. We decided to go to The Last Anchor, we had all been last year for another family member's birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed out meal. 

We decided as it was mid week that we weren't going to dress up majorly but still look like we made an effort. I had two outfit ideas in mind, both involved a sleeveless blazer either black or khaki and whichever I didn't choose to wear for the meal I would wear Friday for afternoon tea. My mum had to help me a little bit and she could understand my dilemma both would look lovely but which one for the meal. I didn’t want to wear anything that was fitted or restricting which is why in the end decided to wear black long sleeved roll neck stretch top, black treggins with a khaki belted blazer and black Chelsea boots. I felt this was more suited for a evening meal. Also it was very comfortable and wasn't over the top. Personally I think sleeveless blazers are a wardrobe staple, they go wish pretty much anything and ideal for all year around.

The meal itself was absolutely beautiful and I would recommend anyone to go there if they are around, you may wish to book in advance to avoid disappointment especially on weekends

Top - New Look
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Sleeveless blazer - No longer available from RI but here is something similar and here too
Boots - New Look
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