Saturday, 9 January 2016

Being happy

Happy new year, hope you all had a lovely time over the festive period.
Ahh the first post of 2016 and it is a little different to the norm that is on here, it’s something I’ve always thought about posting for a while but I think now is the right time for me. If you know me well you will know that I suffer with awful migraines mainly whilst I’m at work but this affects my personal life and everything I do. I’ve been a little down in the last few months or so (possibly a lot longer to be honest) and it got on top of me quite a bit to the point I was putting on weight but I wasn't happy with how I looked, I wouldn't really go out on my days off I would spend most of my time at home and just worry about things that I don’t need to be, also writing blog posts they were not as frequent as I wanted them to be. I had no umph to do anything, I just wanted to be at home. Plucking up the courage to go to my doctors was a big thing for me, it’s like you don’t want to face it but you know you need to. Since going to the doctors and I have been on working how to stop being so stressed, depressed and have anxiety. It is hard at times but when you have been the same way for ages and now you need to get out of that, sometimes you find yourself swaying back towards how you was before but you just have to really focus and think things will get better. So this is me trying to be me again.
If you can’t help yourself who will?

My first thing was how I looked and my appearance, it had to change because I wasn’t happy. Luckily I am taller and able to carry my weight more so and have curves in the right places but when I saw myself in certain pictures I thought that’s not me and who I remember as me. My mum decided for the both of us that we would join Slimming World together and start a new journey (again). We wasn’t completely new to it as we had done it just over 5 years ago before I started my current job and the reason we stopped was due to my shifts I could not get to a group but that's changed now so I’m able to go. Starting it all over again we had to get our heads around what foods were good and bad it was all little confusing to begin with but we are now doing a lot better. The only thing was I didn’t want to be one of these people who lost big amounts each week my aim is slow and steady because my body will adjust better to it and I will be learning but not being overly strict with myself and saying I can’t eat take away no more. I still have take away but I am now a little bit more cautious of what I’m eating, my fav at the moment has be to chicken kebab with salad, chilli and mayo! I’ve tried a few recipes including making my own vanilla truffles (very tasty), I will try when I’m cooking to get some pictures and recipes posted soon. It’s been about 4 months weeks since we started and I’ve lost just over 1 ½ stone so far and I will carry on. I have had some brilliant support from people who know that I’m doing it, people say they can see the difference but I can’t and probably won’t just yet cause I look at myself every day. So thank you to those amazing supporters!

The next thing was getting out more and doing more things. Over the last couple months I’ve had some time off from work which happened to be around the same time as my best friend, Sharna. Firstly we done our yearly tradition of doing something for our birthdays, they are like 5 days apart, we had gone to London spent the night with her family and the week after she pretty much lived at mine we had gone out a couple nights was so nice to get dressed up put a bit of makeup on. Makes you feel sexy. Seeing my family is always a must and we all try to see each other as much as we can, we all work different times so sometimes it is a bit difficult meeting but we make time and have a good laugh. Some of my family don't live local so it's a little harder but we keep in contact as much as we can! I also try to get out of Ipswich as much as I can, I find travelling anywhere helps me clear my head and I can think of future plans and ideas. I’m often in London going shopping and seeing friends but so far this year I haven't been but I plan to in the next few weeks once I have my wisdom tooth taken out and allowed that to heal I will be going.

Making these small changes are helping, sometimes I still have down days but I know in the end I will be me again.


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