Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My bank holiday weekend away

Wow this past week has been very busy and now I'm back at work time flies when you're having fun. On Saturday (before the bank holiday) me, Sharna, Pauline (Sharna's Mum), Shonola had made our way to Nottingham for the bank holiday weekend and visit Leeds Carnival on the Monday. We stayed with Pauline's friend Mandy luckily she had enough space for all of us.

This had been planned for quite some time and we was all looking forward to it so much, mainly to get out of Ipswich and do something different. We got there early evening Saturday and we had gone out that night to see what Nottingham it was like. It was a good night but the event we had goe to was not aimed at our age even though we enjoy the music, it was more older reggae don't get me wrong some good tunes were played but we wanted something a little more up to date. We did take the oppourtunity to take loads of pics though, below are the better ones *hands over face*.

Ahh Monday we went to Leeds carnival, now this was my first time of going to Leeds Carnival ever. We actually started drinking games very early but who cared we was on "holiday". It was a really good day when we found our spots and the drink tents, me and Sharna had made a couple friends as we do! We actually didn't want to leave we had such a good day and luckily the weather was lovely, so glad I put shorts on instead of jeans! It slightly reminded me of the Caribbean day in the park in Ipswich but better! I think we will be going in the future.

Our last day was Tuesday and it was sad to be leaving but it was nice to think we are going home, nothing like being at home in your own bed sometimes, don't ya think? The whole time we was there Mandy and her husband had cooked for us all and they were so very welcoming, made us feel at home as soon as we got there. We couldn't appreciate enough everything she had done for us including getting us there and back!

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