Monday, 12 September 2016

Empties of Summer 16

I've been thinking for a while now to post and share what products I've used up recently instead of just showing you the new things I buy. I see a few people do it and it is interesting, I often find I try new products and I either don't finish them and just leave them or they don't do what I want them to. When I decided I would do this post I had no empties so it was a little bit of a waiting game, I started to feel like the little kid of the Fairy washing up liquid adverts who wants the empty bottle lol.

I did kind of forget I had this product until a couple months ago! I try as best I can to look after my hair very well considering I colour it every couple of months or so and I straighten it at least once a week. I've tried many different serums and oils over the years trying to get that perfect one, this became my favourite for some time as it kept my hair soft and conditioned but I had to be careful how much I was putting on as it was a bit of a heavier oil which made my hair greasy quick if I put too much in.  This is quite hard to now get hold of. I have changed my hair oil to Brazilian Hair Oil, see my review here.

Skincare is a big thing for me, I try not to strip my face of is natural oils but yet keep any blemishes at bay. This moisturiser is so lightweight and is perfect for summer and winter, it adds more than enough. I have been using this Soap and Glory The Fab Pore moisturiser (see review here) for the past year or so and I do love this moisturiser but I am trying new things to see if there is anything better or will I end up going back to it?

Everywhere I go I have hand cream with me even on a night out! The one thing I cannot stand is if my hands feel dry and worse if they look it. I'm always trying new ones so I often have a little collection, I did love the smell of this Almond one from The Body Shop but as it was sat in my bag most times and the more I used it a part of the tube had split a tiny bit and it leaked but only a very small amount.

Don't you just love when you get out the shower and you smell just scrumptious, well that's exactly how I feel with I Love.. Mango and Papaya, its sooo fruity. Smells so devine, I do love a good strong (but not too strong) smelling shower gels. It is a big bottle and does last quote a while, I will be trying more out of their range soon too !!

Who doesn't love a bit of Palmers Cocoa butter, I've been using this for years, I have a few Palmers products which include the harder formula, lipbalm and some hair products. You smell so yummy once you've put it on. I will most likely continue to buy this but a friend of mine had recommended to try the coconut oil infused one it's even better then the original!

I will try and do one another one before Christmas, depending how many products I get through.

What products have you recently finished? Would you buy any of them again?

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