Saturday, 13 August 2016

The one piece

Are you going on holiday abroad this year? or having a staycation and finding somewhere nice in the UK to stay for a few days or so? Well either way you will be near some form or water whether it be the sea or a pool to cool down. So you've got the location sorted and the weather is lovely, you're packed for the days and evenings out but now you're thinking what do you wear by the pool/sea? A one piece. Why not?

When I think back to one pieces it reminds me when I was a child. There is a picture of me when I was quite little and my parents had taken me to Clacton for a day on the beach, I'm just stood there on the beach my curly hair all piled on top of my head with this really cute navy and white but the top part of it had white spots. Enough of the flashback. A few years ago they were not really that popular they became a bit boring in style but things have changed! They are no longer seen as frumpy and something you buy because you don't feel comfortable in a bikini. They are making a fierce come back and so they should! There is so many different styles like mesh cut outs, block colour and illusion ones, you are guaranteed to find one you love.

Now, I personally think this is the fun part, what do you wear with it, how do you accessorise it? If you're looking for casual you cannot go wrong with a simple but classic white shirt to throw on over or maybe you want something a little more? This has to be one of my favourite styles of cover ups, a kaftan, they are light and flowy something like this is perfect for popping to lunch or doing that mid afternoon shop. Also don't forget your sunnies too the also add to the outfit.

The white shirt as you may see is from a company called Adore Me, now I have to say I do adore a lot of their Plus Size range but at the moment they don't currently deliver to the UK but I hear it's something they are working on in the future, I know I will certainly be placing an order!" 

What do you like wearing if you're going to the beach or sitting by the pool?

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