Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Beauty buys of February

The last few months I’ve lacked in buying beauty products but that’s because I haven't seen anything that really catches my eye or something I’m in need of. Throughout February I’ve slowly got back into buying little bits and pieces. Here is a few of my favorites :)
Soap and Glory - Face wash and Moisturiser 
Recently I run out of two (out of 3) of my favourite Soap and Glory products, Daily micro smoothing moisturiser and Face soap and clarity wash. I’ve been using them for about 7 months both are great on my skin and my pores are not as clogged up as they used to be either. 

The face wash I use every morning when I wake up (the evening I have a slightly different routine). Again I use a pea size amount and wash, sometimes I use a face brush gently to get rid of dead skin. It has them little beads in which if I’m perfectly honest I do not see what there use is but it looks pretty especially when it’s full.

The moisturiser I use twice a day, in the morning after I’ve used the face wash and before I go bed. I tend to use about a pea size amount and a little goes a long way. It keeps my skin smooth and I’ve noticed my breakouts are not as bad as they used to be, I still have them but part of that is down to some foods I eat.  

Benefit Hydro Smooth Lipstick
I purchased Talk Flirty after getting my eyebrows done one day and my makeup done (why not lol). The name says it all, it's flirty daytime colour which I think can be used day and night but I would more recommend this for a daytime look. The formula itself is rich and creamy, I haven't yet tested the longevity of this yet but from what I’ve used so far I could see you having to reapply this throughout the day as it is a medium coverage and may transfer. The case of this is not like your average lipsticks but I like it because it’s different. Also I would be careful when picking this up as the lipstick may fall out the bottom.
Nars Oil free primer and Concealer 
Whilst I was in Birmingham I had to visit Selfridges and found my way to the beauty area, heavennnn!! I wasn’t in major need of anything but I wanted a new concealer. Automatically I would have gone to the Mac counter but because it’s so popular it was busy so I turned around and Nars was in front of me. 

As soon as I walked over I was greeted by a lovely assistant, she listened to what I wanted which was a good coverage but not too cakey concealer. After saying in a little more detail what I was looking for, she found and demonstrated the Concealer on my face where I had a slight breakout at the time and it was exactly what I wanted, the colour (Vanilla) and coverage was perfect. I am curious as I how long this would last as it is a stick one but only using once or twice a week should be a while but we will see. 
As I was sat in the chair she did try some other products on me including their skincare range which I had no idea they done but the product that stood out the most was the primer. It’s oil free and ideal for my skin, with some primers I have tried in the past I feel like there is a film across my face but this is so lightweight and anything I have used on top of it has stayed even longer I don’t find myself having to reapply. I think it may even be a little bit better than Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light. 

Sleek Matte Me Lipgloss
Last but not least another matte lippy to add to the collection. I wanted a dark matte nude but you know when you’ve been looking for so long you’ve almost given up until I had found this whilst I was in Birmingham, I could not have been any more happier. After I tested a little of Birthday Suit on my hand (as you do) it was an instant purchase no thinking about it. The staying power is amazing, I was wearing a very long sleeved white shirt which I completely forgot about but the whole day it did not transfer or budge. I tried it out fully later, when first applying its a weird wet like feeling but then it dries matte. My only downfall on this would be the application wand thingy it's OK but I would have liked it to feel more sturdy and precision  application like Bourjois Velvet edition lipsticks.

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